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Dear Customers,

Over the years we meet and speak with people that tell us they use Stain Go on just about everything. Therefore we would like to share some of those suggestions with you as we feel you will get better use out of your product.

Wooden Floorboards & Floating Floors

A bucket of very hot water with half a cup of StainGo and half a cup of methylated spirits added to it… use a good quality Enjo mop or microfiber flat mop and I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the results….  no hard chemicals!!   Oh and if you prefer to use eucalyptus oil instead of methylated spirits,  try putting in 2 teaspoons with your hot water StainGo mix. TIP… if your floor is overly dusty a quick vac or dust down will help.

Cleaning Windows 

A bucket of water with a generous squirt of dishwashing liquid and half a cup of StainGo. TIP… Buy a good quality professional window cleaners squeegee that  can be bought from any cleaning supply shop together with a window cleaners brush.  This will help you do a more professional job. Unless you clean windows regularly don’t buy a blade larger than 12 inches it will become too hard to use.

Stainless Steel

Try StainGo on the outside of your range hood. Spray the stainless steel section then wipe it over with a rung out damp cloth. TIP… If you buff dry when you have finished with a dry towel no clean streaks are left.

Jewellery Cleaner

It’s important when you place some StainGo into a glass jar, do not add water to the solution when cleaning your jewellery, this will water your cleaner down and reduce it’s effectiveness. Place pretty much all jewelry ( except Pearls and opals) into a glass jar and leave for several minutes…. remove your chains and rings and then with an old toothbrush give it a rub down , trying to get into    the back of your ring and around the settings where dirt may have caught up.  Then rinse your jewellery in a cup of  very hot water and see it Sparkle. TIP…  your ” jewellery cleaning jar solution” will become cloudy and a bit dirty with usage but do not throw that away….  you can get hundreds of cleans out of one batch.

Shower Screens & Tiles

StainGo will be outperformed by extremely hard cleaners like bleach and some of the other toxic cleaners available on the market…. however there is always a trade off when we use these toxic cleaners and more than one way of skinning a pig… try squirting the glass and tiles with StainGo and then with a non abrasive scourer add some Jif to it and rub the Jiff / Stain Go mix across the tiles and glass…. give the solution a couple of minutes to sit and then as you rinse down, rub the glass and tiles down with your scourer a second time. You should be able to clean your showers just as well without using overly harsh chemicals and gassing yourself out.

 We sincerely hope you have many happy cleaning experiences when using StainGo.

I would also like to thank my customers for all your recommendations and kind words over the years.
With kind regards to you all.
Scott McIntosh
Director for StainGo


Order online or  0408 173 174.

Dear country and interstate customers please note that when you go to a six-pack and above, your postage is only marginally dearer.
It’s your price per bottle that will determine your real cost. It always works out a much better purchase for you. StainGo customer service.


The New StainGo Laundry Bar, Designed specifically for those hard to remove stains, made from Eucalyptus, Tea tree and other essential oils, then a touch of StainGo’s Secret formula, removing those stubborn stains has never been so easy.

This is a must have for the laundry, the Stain Go laundry bar can be used in conjunction with The Stain Go Liquid as a Pre-wash.



Stain Go is a fully Australian made and owned liquid carpet cleaner, developed by leading Australian industrial chemists. Being introduced into Australia in 1994.

StainGo is gentle on fabrics and it is guaranteed not to remove or bleach colour, StainGo can therefore be used as a pre wash or soaker with any colour fast-fabric.

Stain Go has an alkaline pH and uses the highest grade surfactants, with soft detergents and solvents. Giving you a safe and gentle clean.

Stain Go is fully biodegrable